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Celebrating a Bryn Mawr Spring

With the winter lasting as long as it did here in Bryn Mawr, it was hard to believe that spring would ever come. How could we, what with three snowstorms in March? However, it finally seems as if spring is in full bloom. The weather is warming up, there’s only a few weeks left of classes, and the beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming. Spring has finally arrived!

Now that the warmer weather is finally here, it’s difficult to know where to begin to enjoy it. I’m taking full advantage of the springtime by taking longer walks around campus. It’s wonderful to be able to be outside for a prolonged period of time, so I’m utilizing it as best I can. By walking around campus, the gorgeous cherry blossoms on the trees are in full appearance. I’ve seen some people taking adorable photos with them, climbing up into the branches to get the best angle; that’s another way to get full use out of this Bryn Mawr spring.

Along with walking around campus and observing the cherry blossoms, the spring can be taken advantage of by doing schoolwork outside. Although we all just want our academic obligations to be over, doing readings while lying in the grass makes it a lot more bearable. I’ll be getting my final English readings done while curled up against the bark of a tree, fully immersing myself in the spring weather. Once the hammocks go back up between the trees, doing work outside will be even easier!

Bryn Mawr College is always beautiful; the Gothic architecture of the campus makes that clear year round. However, there’s something about Bryn Mawr in the spring that is uniquely special. The cherry blossoms, the sunny skies and the happy vibe that permeates the campus all make Bryn Mawr a great place to be. Happy Spring, Mawrters!

All photos courtesy of Google Images.

Samantha is a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College majoring in English. She's originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and can confirm that the winters are just as cold as you've heard. She's passionate about books, writing, girls' education, and Harry Styles. If she's not in class, you can find her studying in the library, grabbing brunch with her friends, or taking a yoga class. If you want to read Samantha's past work, you can find it on the Her Campus Bryn Mawr section.
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