7 Ways to be Kind to Yourself During Finals

We’re reaching the end of the semester, which means that everyone is probably stressing over having more exams and papers than they can handle. Well, stress no more, because I’m here to provide you with seven different ways to be kind to yourself! Instead of stressing out during finals week, why don’t we all allow ourselves time to relax for a minute?

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

1. Make your favorite hot drink. Whether it’s hot chocolate, coffee or tea, take twenty minutes to make it and enjoy it, and leave your assignments for a breather.

2. Watch your favorite movie. Although it may seem crazy to take three hours out of your insanely packed schedule, trust that you’ll be able to manage it. Your brain will thank you for the break!

3. Take a nap. I know, a crazy idea right? Well, you will need sleep at some point, and if you plan on pulling an all-nighter to finish that one paper, you might as well sleep during the day to make it good.

4. Throw a dance party for one. Play your favorite tunes, pump it up as loud as you can and move as if no one is watching. You may feel silly at first, but I promise that it helps get some of the stress out.

5. Go for a walk. Sometimes you just have to go outside and enjoy nature for a little bit. Leave all technology in your room, and for at least 30 minutes, leave all your worries behind and enjoy this wonderful world that we live in.

6. Call someone that you miss. Whenever I’m stressed, I find that calling someone that I miss a lot takes my mind off work for the moment, and then gives me that extra push to get all my work done when I get back to it.

7. Remember that done is good. You may feel really pressured to try and push perfection with all of your assignments, but remember that perfection is not achievable. Whatever you can get done is good enough. You worked so hard, and the fact that you made it to this point means that you did as much as you could.

Try at least one or two of these tips this finals season, and have a wonderful and restful break! Also, have a wonderful New Years! Here’s to 2018!!