7 Random Things I Wish I’d Brought To College My First Semester

  1. 1. Glasses Screwdriver

    It sounds silly, but as a glasses wearer, I found that their screws were loosening quickly at school. I had to ask around to find someone with a glasses screwdriver so I could tighten my frames but still wasn’t able to find the right type of screwdriver. A small glasses screwdriver would save you from having to beg like me and would give you the extra security you need to protect your eyewear.

  2. 2. Laundry Hamper

    It can be challenging to lug oversized laundry bags back and forth to the laundry room. Having a stand-up laundry hamper has been hugely beneficial for my friends, and I am always jealous when I see someone in the laundry room with one. A laundry bag makes the collection of dirty clothes easier, but a laundry hamper helps make transport easier, especially for someone like me who saves washing for just once or twice a week.

  3. 3. Diffuser

     I am a huge candle aficionado, and I had many times in my first semester when I wished I could spruce up my room with a warm, welcoming scent without creating a fire hazard. Now, in my second semester, I am armed with a diffuser and some of my favorite essential oil scents - perfect for coordinating with my mood, studying, and sleep schedule while also reminding me of home.

  4. 4. Tall Socks

    Living in a place where snow and rain pile up makes for muddy, smelly socks once your feet get wet. Wearing tall socks around campus has been great for my exploratory walks in my rain or snow boots, and having several pairs of tall socks to keep in rotation means that your wardrobe is always ready for the weather the day throws at you.

  5. 5. Stickers

    Perfect for decorating letters, campus mailboxes, doors and to-do-lists, stickers bring a smile to my face while brightening up the days of others as well.

  6. 6. Tissues

    I’m a newfound crier, and only brought one box of tissues my first semester - a huge mistake! Having extra tissue boxes to store under my bed or in my closet is helpful in emotional moments, allowing me to continue my cry without having to go use bathroom paper towels or barter for tissues with a hallmate.


  7. 7. Legal Paper Pads

    These are a lifesaver when taking notes for online classes because they allow you to keep your computer tabs open on Zoom or other necessary materials instead of your notes. I keep a few legal paper pads strewn around my desk area, and when I need to jot down some instructions for an assignment or translate sentences for class, I never have to find paper or an open notebook page.