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6 Hairstyles to Try this Spring

In the winter, staying warm is the first thing on my mind and looking cute is the last thing on my mind. In the winter, I’m content with burying my head under a cozy beanie and wrapping my scarf up to my nose. But in the spring, it’s time to be free of those layers and start getting playful with outfits and hairstyles. Here are a few hairstyles I’m loving on Pinterest!

1. Knotted ponytail

Photo courtesy of Refinery 29

2. Updo for naturally curly hair

Photo courtesy of Once Wed

3. Half-updo for medium length hair

Photo courtesy of Jennie Kay Beauty

4. Side braid

Photo courtesy of Heidi Marie Garrett

5. Double braid

Photo courtesy of Way of Gray

6. Half french braid

Photo courtesy of Byrdie

If you need some help getting your hair volume, body and lift, I recommend Bed Head By Tigi’s Superstar Queen for a Day Spray Thickening Spray, and if you need some help locking in wavy or curly styles, I recommend Bed Head By Tigi’s Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray.

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