5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Assignments

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you’re always trying to catch up on assignments and readings? Well fret no longer because here are five ways to help manage your course load this semester:

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

1. Create a Done is Good checklist

First gather all your syllabi and create a checklist with your assignments for the semester. It’s helpful to color code all your assignments based on what class they’re assigned to. After you do that, hang the checklist in a place in your room that you pass by most frequently, like on the door.

2. Have a daily to-do list

Every morning make a to-do list of all assignments that you need to complete that day and the day after, and rank them from high priority to low priority. You want to have the most important assignments done first to relieve some of the pressure if you find yourself running out of time by the end of the day.

3. Find your most productive times and places

Find out during which times of the day and in which places you are most productive. You’ll end up spending less time working on assignments and also be producing your best work. This will require trial and error, so don’t worry if you don’t find that perfect time and place right off the bat!

4. Have an allotted time for homework

Set an allotted time each day devoted to completing your assignments and stick to it! This means removing all distractions and not scheduling any meetings during that time. Of course this will change from day to day, and emergency situations might occur, but sticking to this should be your top priority. Make sure to take breaks within that time so you don’t burn yourself out!

5. Create homework groups

Make study or homework groups in which everyone is held accountable for doing homework at that time without distractions. Some people work better alone though, so take this suggestion with caution.

It takes time to build habits, so don’t get discouraged if you still feel overwhelmed after trying these tips. Beware that these tips might work for one person but not for another. There’s a plethora of academic tips online, so make sure to check them out to find which work best for you!