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5 Ways to Spend a Bryn Mawr Spring

5 Ways to Spend a Bryn Mawr Spring


Spring is finally here and it was long worth the wait! Now that the air is warmer and the flowers are a’blooming, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of these beautiful spring days.


1.     Go and (literally) smell the roses!

Flowers are all around! Take a tree tour and check out all the beauty that the Bryn Mawr trees have been hiding all year.


2.     Take a walk

Take advantage of the warm fresh air and get some exercise while also enjoying all the wonderful spring sights around campus. I hear Rhoads beach is great this time of year!

3.     Get into town

Now is a good time to finally visit all those shops in town that you’ve been meaning to try! Now that the cold is gone, a walk into town is not only doable, but also super relaxing.


4.     Do I hear outdoor yoga?

Roll out a mat (or a towel) and get your stretch on! Yoga is a great way to enjoy being outside, relax, and also get in some exercise all at the same time. Fresh air > Gym air, after all.


5.     Homework outside

It’s not all fun and games at Bryn Mawr, but you can still enjoy spring and while doing your work. Grab a towel, your work, and your (charged) devices and get to work under one of the blooming trees. Who knew doing homework could be so fun?


Happy spring, Bryn Mawr!

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