5 Ways to Relax During Finals

Finals week is probably the busiest time of any college semester, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break every once in awhile! Here are a few fun ideas for a quick break between study sessions.

  1. 1. Eat with Your Friends

    You don’t have to make a huge event out of it, but even just sitting down for half an hour with your closest friends can make any stressful day better! Take the time to sit down and eat without doing work and instead just enjoy each other’s company.

  2. 2. Watch Your Favorite TV Show

    This one is tricky! It can be super tempting to take the chance to binge The Office for the fourth time instead of studying for your math final, but you should really try to avoid that. Taking twenty minutes off to watch your favorite episode doesn’t do much harm though!

  3. 3. Dance

    This one seems a bit weird but it’s one of my favorites. Dancing, and exercise in general, is a fantastic way to de-stress. So, get up, turn on Harry Styles’ new album (or whoever your favorite artist is) and enjoy yourself!

  4. 4. Take A Nap

    This one is quite possibly the most important one on this list. It is all too easy to pull an all-nighter to get all your work in before the end of the semester, but make sure you give yourself some time to rest! Setting a timer for twenty minutes and laying down with your eyes closed can even help boost your motivation to get that work done.

  5. 5. Meditate

    This is the most effective way to convince myself to do work is to sit down and meditate. I open the Calm app (which is free on the AppStore), plug in my headphones, and make myself comfortable for a few minutes. I especially like to meditate when I wake up and before I go to bed for as little as five minutes in order to keep myself calm and focused and ready for whatever is ahead of me.

For those of you tackling finals, I wish you the best of luck! You can do it!