5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Easier in a Long-Distance Relationship

One of the many things that I’ve learned in college is how to deal with a long-distance relationship with someone I love. Many other people are going through the same thing: having that person they care about miles and miles away, unable to spend that one day created for the expression of love with them. So here are some of the things that I’ve learned make Valentine’s Day better when in a long-distance relationship.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

1. Plan time to talk to each other.

As simple as this first thing may be, it’s better to plan out when you both have time and know that you can hear each other’s voices. In my case, my boyfriend and I will set aside an hour or so after completing everything we have to do to Facetime and hear about one another’s days. It makes the distance seem a lot smaller, and it’s always nice to hear about what they’re going through.

2. Send a card.

Nothing super extravagant. Just sending a simple card saying how much you care about them is a nice touch, and it’s always nice to get one in return.

3. Talk about your feelings.

On a day that celebrates couples being couples, it can be hard to know that the person you want to be with isn’t going to be around. Because of this, you should be open with your feelings since they’re probably going through the exact same thing.

4. Hang out with your friends on campus.

Although it may not be the same, being around people who care about you beats wallowing in your room by yourself. Go out to dinner with them, watch a rom-com or just hang out and talk. Human connection is usually the best thing if you’re going through a lonely time.

5. And finally, treat yourself.

Just like the point above, doing something kind for yourself on a day without the person you care about will make you feel better. Tell them to do the same, and make sure that you care for yourself.