5 Take-Out Ideas in Bryn Mawr

Even though Bryn Mawr’s dining halls are ranked as some of the best in the country, it’s inevitable that you’ll tire of the food there, since the menu repeats over the course of the semester.


That’s where I come in. Here are five take-out ideas for when the time comes that, no matter how tasty the chicken and dumplings are, you just can’t eat them anymore!


Pho Street - Bryn Mawr

Their most popular items are spring rolls, summer rolls, hot wings, and pho. If you’re looking for Vietnamese food, this is definitely the place!

Oath Pizza - Suburban Square

These pizzas look ten times better than anything that could come out of New Dorm or Erdman.

Tiffin - Bryn Mawr

This seems like an obvious addition to the list because so many clubs on campus cater from Tiffin, but their Indian food is too good not to put on the list!

Snap Kitchen - Villanova

If you’re looking for more healthy options, turn to Snap Kitchen! It’s really popular among Villanova students but just a little too far for Mawrtyrs—that is, until they started delivering! You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner from here.

Nova Mediterranean Grill - Villanova

Greek food is one of my favorite varieties of take-out. The dishes at Nova Mediterranean Grill look so good—pita sandwiches, gyros, Greek quesadillas and burritos...I’m definitely ordering from here next time I’m hungry!


I hope you’ve found this list helpful to satisfy your off-campus cravings! Don’t forget to use services like Caviar, DoorDash, Grubhub, Ubereats, Eat24, Postmates, etc. to get your food—if it’s your first time ordering through them, they often offer free delivery or a discount.