5 Places to Celebrate Halloween in Philly

Looking beyond the Tri-Co this Halloween? Not feeling like beer pong? Come check out what Philly has to offer this October! Here are some fun local events happening soon (get your tickets fast!):

Photo courtesy of silverkris.com

1. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary (Open September 22-November 11, Select Dates)

Eastern State Penitentiary, the world’s first penitentiary, is known to have housed the most infamous criminals (Al Capone, to name one). The prison’s 19th century-style Gothic architecture creates the perfect spooky atmosphere for Halloween night. The Terror Behind the Walls tour involves six scary attractions. Each has a prison theme with special effects and performers to enhance the experience. For instance, in Infirmary, the prison’s medical wing is revamped to include blood-covered nurses wielding giant syringes. If you want some historical Halloween fun, be sure to visit ESP this month!

2. Scream Mountain (October 6-28, Fridays and Saturdays only)

Local skiing attraction Spring Mountain is remade into a towering (450 feet high vertical drop) Halloween attraction. For visitors of all ages, the experience can include a Haunted Hay Ride through nearby woods and a Haunted Lift & Walk. The latter is a chairlift up the mountain in the dark followed by a walk back down through the eerie trail. Customers can choose between a hay ride and a walk or just the hay ride. Scream Mountain also offers Heart of Darkness tours. The tours consist of ziplines, rappelling, cargo net climbing and other challenges made to give you a more sporty Halloween experience.

3. Halloween in Philadelphia Bar Crawl 2017 (October 28, 8PM-2AM)

For those of age, The Devil’s Crawl is hosting a bar crawl. In other words, buy a ticket and gain access to over 40 Philly pubs in Center City. Join before 11PM to get drink specials. The tour includes not only adventure, but also costume contests and, best of all, the opportunity to meet and make new friends! Grab some friends and get your ticket now before they sell out, like they did last year.

4. South Street Fall PumpkinFest (October 28, 12-5PM)

Fun for all ages, visit the South Street Headhouse District this month for the annual PumpkinFest! Enjoy seasonal snacks as you watch circus performances, costume contests and live music. Or participate in a costume contest. Or take a wagon hay ride. Or stuff your face in the pumpkin pie eating contest. Or enter your artwork in the jack-o’-lantern contest. Or just watch if carving isn’t really your thing! Whatever you choose to do, PumpkinFest is bound to a fun time for your eyes and taste buds.

5. Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill (October 20-21)

For all you Potterheads out there (especially my fellow Mawrters), this one’s for you. Not only are there film screenings, but there are also multiple events to attend. The first night kicks off with Wands and Wizards Night on the Avenue, which involves live performances and, of course, food and drink specials from local bars. Don your pointy hat and get athletic with some Quidditch training or get lost in Dumbledore’s maze. If you’re not so into the active lifestyle, visit Hedwig Hollow’s selfie parks, get your face painted and more! Even if you haven’t received your Hogwarts letter (yet), you can still enjoy some magical fun.