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5 Great Snacks from Trader Joe’s

As Bryn Mawr students, we’re lucky to have a Trader Joe’s in Ardmore, a couple towns over from Bryn Mawr, so that we can peruse all the unique items that the popular grocery chain has to offer. Here are several of my favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s:



Sesame Honey Almonds: The honey and sesame turn plain almonds into little pieces of nut brittle. Once you start eating a few, it’ll be hard to stop.


Raisin Rosemary Crisps: These flavorful and very crunchy crackers are slightly sweet and pair well with creamy cheeses like boursin or goat.


Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels: I love any combination of peanut butter and chocolate and pretzels add a slight crunch to the sweet and salty combo.


Cilantro and Jalapeno Hummus: I used to buy TJ’s three-layer hummus dip that had Cilantro and Jalapeno hummus in the middle, until I recently learned there were tubs of this particular flavor. It’s best with tortilla chips, raw veggies, or plain crackers.


Popcorn with Herbs and Spices: Light (unlike movie theater popcorn) popcorn mixes together onion, dill, celery and other savory spices to create an addictive snack.

Madison Cassidy

Bryn Mawr '19

English major, class of 2019. Avid reader, fan of fluffy animals, devourer of film and television journalism and critique, and often searching for the best cheap eats.
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