4 Underrated YouTube Channels

Sometimes you could be in the mood to watch something funny during a break between classes and homework assignments. However, an episode of a show or a movie could be too long to finish watching in this time period. This is why a YouTube video is what you should watch during these quick respites. If you're having a hard time finding a YouTube channel you enjoy, here are some underrated ones that might appeal to you.

Just Between Us

‘Just Between Us’ is a comedy channel created by Alison Raskin and Gaby Dunn, who are former employees of BuzzFeed. Alison and Gaby are best friends despite having very different personalities, and these differences make their interactions hilarious. Every video on this channel typically falls into one of two categories: an original, scripted sketch or an advice ‘couch show.’ Their scripted sketches present themselves as caricatures of their real personalities. On the ‘couch show,’ they answer questions or talk about topics as themselves, but still joke around while doing so. Alison talks often about her struggles growing up and living with OCD and depression. Gaby likes to speak about her experiences as a polyamorous, bisexual woman. Check out this channel if you want to hear two best friends learn from, grow and joke with one another.


Nathan Zed

Nathan Zed is a 21-year-old college student who created the channel ‘Nathan Zed,’ formerly named ‘TheThirdPew.’ His breakthrough video was a response to a video by Nash Grier called, ‘What Guys Look For In Girls,’ in which Nathan addressed the unrealistic expectations and double standards women face when dating. In his other videos, he talks about Black Lives Matter and struggles he faces as a young person grappling with what he wants to do with his life. His videos have a combination of humor, positivity, political consciousness and social awareness. If you want to watch a woke young person voice concerns people feel but fail to express but still feel hopeful after you’re done watching, ‘Nathan Zed’ is the channel to subscribe to.


Akilah Obviously

Akilah Hughes is a 29-year-old comedian who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is the owner of the channel ‘Akilah Obviously.’ Her videos include social commentary, vlogs about her life and comedy sketches. Topics she often addresses are racism, sexism, politics, makeup and her experiences with past careers. If you're looking for a channel that has a combination of lighthearted, everyday, lifestyle videos to intellectual discussions on current events, be sure to have a look at ‘Akilah Obviously.’


Noel Miller

Noel Miller, former Vine star, has a YouTube Channel that consists mostly of vlogs and comedy sketches. Many of his sketches are parodies of advertisements, television shows and movie trailers. He also does reaction videos and responds to questions. If you're in the mood for humor that will remind you of Vine, take a look at Noel Miller’s Channel.