4 Small Yet Productive Tasks to Complete While in Quarantine

Doing well in college is already a feat, and the pandemic makes it even more frustrating. At the end of the day, you’re probably feeling exhausted from all the schoolwork but still want to be productive without putting forth too much brain power. Luckily, there are some tasks you can complete that will surely help you get on the right track without exerting too much time and energy!

  1. 1. Update Your Resume

     This task should not take too long, especially if you already have a resume. Make sure to look over specific details like dates, GPA, and extracurricular roles. 

  2. 2. Learn a Foreign Language

    Learning a foreign language may sound daunting, but many learning programs such as Mango (provided free for Bryn Mawr students) makes it easy! Each lesson only takes about fifteen minutes and is easy to use.

  3. 3. Check Your Class Syllabi

    Checking your class syllabi for any changes is a quick task that will leave you reassured and help you set a plan to accomplish more things earlier. Even better, you might find out your professor extended a deadline. In that case, celebrate!

  4. 4. Declutter Your Living Space

    Decluttering frequently used spaces like your closet and desk will help you stay organized while relieving some of your stress.