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4 Resources for Bryn Mawr Students

We may be paying a lot of money to attend Bryn Mawr, the College does offer some amazing resources free of (additional) charge!  

Microsoft Office

On a summer internship or future job where you need to work with Excel or Powerpoint, it would be useful to have the applications downloaded on your computer. Office 2016 is available to download for every Bryn Mawr student through your Outlook account. Instructions can be found here.

Linkedin Learning

Liberal arts colleges provide students with a valuable, broad-based education, but it’s necessary to develop marketable skills to appeal to employers. Linkedin Learning can help with that. A broad variety of skills can be learned through this website, from time management and body language for leaders to data analysis and website development. Once you complete a course, you have the option to display it on your Linkedin profile and can add it to your resume. Linkedin Learning is free to Bryn Mawr students. Instructions can be found here.

Civic Engagement Reimbursement

If you’re interested in volunteering but worried about travel expenses, check out this page and see if your circumstances match the reimbursement policy.


Mini-grants are available to students who have an objective and a plan. They can be used for interview-related travel expenses, a one-time event or conference and more. Mini-grants are $200 per person per academic year. See more details here.

If you’re looking to add skills to your resume without breaking the bank, be sure to check out these resources!

Enaas Sultan

Bryn Mawr '21

International studies major at Bryn Mawr College. I mostly write about TV shows, skincare, and getting through winter.
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