4 DIY Thanksgiving Garlands

Garlands are one of my favorite ways to personalise a room. They’re so versatile and can be made for any occasion, but here are some ideas for how to make them for Thanksgiving.

1. Text

Photo courtesy of Tell Love And Party

There are so many possibilities with text! You can cut out each letter; you can paste them onto triangular pennants; you can paste them onto those rectangular-shaped pennants that look like bookmarks; you can draw them onto pennants. Some words or phrases you can try are “Happy Thanksgiving,” “Thanksgiving,” “Thankful,” “Friendsgiving,” “Grateful,” “Gather” and “Gobble, Gobble.”

2. Leaves

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

You can cut these out of paper; you can cut them out of felt; you can gather real leaves from outside and string them up!

3. Acorns

Photo courtesy of Nalle’s House

These felt acorns are probably the most complicated garland of the ones listed here, but you can easily simplify this DIY by gathering real acorns or crafting them from felt or paper.

4. Pie

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

This theme is a little more fun and creative, or maybe I just really like food. What other motifs can you think of? You can also make any sort of abstract garland, whether that’s with tassels or pom poms or something else, and keep it to a brown/orange/yellow/deep red theme for Thanksgiving. The possibilities are endless!