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4 Delivery Services Available During COVID-19

By this point, you’ve heard it from everyone: stay home.  For people who ordinarily like to go out to get their groceries, personal products and household supplies, this shift to stay indoors 24/7 and do everything from home may not be easy.  Here are a few delivery services that may prove useful to you in the weeks to come:


This is an excellent way to have groceries delivered to anyone living in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware or Washington D.C.  Freshdirect offers a wide variety of high quality, reasonably priced food that lasts up to seven days longer than food purchased at a traditional grocery store.  You can choose from time slots listed throughout the week and select a delivery time that works best for your schedule. To sign up for the delivery service and get $25 off your first order, click here.


I know you’ve already probably tried ordering things from here, and things are getting harder and harder to come by each day.  I wouldn’t give up just yet. If you find that the delivery dates you’re seeing are too far out in the future and you need supplies sooner, consider signing up for a free six-month trial of Prime Student.  It gives you unlimited free two-day shipping for most items, and it also gives you access to Prime Pantry.  This is an especially great option for household supplies and non-perishable foods.  If you’re lucky enough to secure a time slot for Amazon Fresh, this is generally a good option for fresh groceries!  My suggestion is to keep checking every morning, and you should eventually find one that works for your area.  


Target is an excellent alternative to Amazon for groceries, personal products and household supplies.  Depending on your area of residence, Target offers same-day delivery and two-day delivery for many of its products.  I’ve been ordering the products unavailable at Amazon here, and I’ve found their service to be quite comparable.


Lastly, Dermstore BeautyFIX is the best way to have your personal products delivered.  This is a subscription box valued at over $100 which includes six premium skincare and beauty products for only $25 a month.  When you sign up for BeautyFIX, you receive free-shipping, subscriber savings and offers on full-size versions of your favorite products from the box.  This is great for anyone, especially college students on a budget, who likes to try out different products without having to commit to investing in the full-sized version or having to purchase individual travel-sized products.  

I hope you found these suggestions helpful, and stay safe and healthy at home! 

Cassie DeVera

Bryn Mawr '21

Senior at Bryn Mawr College studying computer science and philosophy. Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus and Head Technology Portfolio Analyst of the Investment Club.
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