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3 Songs to Add to Your May Day Playlist

May Day is one of Bryn Mawr’s most elaborately action-packed traditions, and definitely one of its most beloved. Whether you’re shopping for white dresses or making flower crowns, be sure to add these summery songs to your playlist to set the perfect mood.

MOrning” by Amaria

With soft vocals and a beautifully layered technical production, “Morning” is the perfect ode to spending time with your friends as you eat strawberries and cream together. Amaria’s voice is absolutely angelic, and starting your special day with her will help you and your friends relax and mindfully enjoy time together, just as she serenades (“Take your time, yeah, don’t you hurry / Free your mind so you don’t worry”). While you may not actually see your friends next Tuesday, listening to “Morning” is a touching way to think about the routines you and your friends made together this semester. 

One More Weekend” By maude latour

May Day is the perfect farewell to the semester and all its highs and lows, so there’s no better time to jam out to “One More Weekend” by Maude Latour. It’s synthy, poppy and upbeat enough to mask some bittersweet lyrics (“Can I take back every single thing I said / If we just had one more weekend could we try it all again”) but honors the whole of the experience you lived over the past semester and the special people in your life (“And the world is smaller with you, maybe I’m not so alone / Or maybe we’re alone together”) even when you’re packing up and getting ready to move.

Peach Pit” by PEach Pit

If I had to describe “Peach Pit,” it would be a sonic embodiment of a hammock on a spring day – perfect for May Day, essentially. Gently swaying vocals surround the gorgeous lyrics about nature (“Oh peach pit where’d the hours go? / When your orange skin began to glow / From a hanging branch in gardens home”), and Peach Pit perfectly croons about the long semester (“It’s been a long season through / All this rotting fruit with you”). Listen to it as you sit with your friends on Merion Green and bask in the sunshine, enjoying some rest before finals hit.

Grace Curtin

Bryn Mawr '24

Grace is a political science major from Northern Virginia. When not studying, she enjoys bullet journaling, reading, and yoga. She can frequently be found cheering on the Philadelphia Flyers or yelling at the TV while watching "The Bachelor."
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