12 Ways to Procrastinate Efficiently

Coming back from winter break breeds different emotions. While it’s exciting to see your friends and have some sort of a defined routine again, the excessive workload and readings can cause stress, which often leads to procrastination. There are obvious downsides to procrastinating a reading or starting a project, but there are also ways in which it can be done efficiently. Here are some ideas:

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

1. Take a shower

“Get in the shower when it all goes wrong” is the 1975’s advice in their song “The City.” And it’s true. What can’t a hot shower fix?

2. Clean your room

If your living space is a mess, chances are so is your headspace. Clean up your room so you can breathe and be a little more relaxed when you do get around to work.

3. Talk to a friend or family member

Ranting to a friend, or calling home and hearing your mother’s voice, are necessary forms of self-care. Keeping your problems to yourself ensures that you stay stressed about it.

4. Write in a journal

When you want to work through your feelings, write it out. Sitting in a coffee shop and writing in a journal could potentially help you segue into doing your work.

5. Eat a healthy meal/drink water of you haven’t in a while

Healthy diet, healthy mind. It’s a cliche because it’s true. Staying hydrated and fueling your brain with healthy foods is a great way to take a break from working while also not wasting time.

6. Watch a motivational video

YouTube is full of them. Lots of people need motivation.

7. Pray if you're into that

8. Watch a movie from Rotten Tomatoes’ top 100 films list

Watching films expands the mind.

9. Read a book

It can be difficult to read for leisure when you have hundreds of pages of reading per class to do already, but reading, whether it’s for leisure or class, increases your stamina. If you read a book while procrastinating, chances are you’ll be able to focus on your class readings more.

10. Exercise

Moving your body is an excellent way to calm yourself and relieve stress.

11. Do readings for another class or switch subjects for a bit

If you have one assignment that you really don’t want to start, procrastinate in the most efficient way: do other assignments.

12. Do your laundry

At least you’ll have something cute to wear to class tomorrow.