11 Reasons Why Having Your BFFL as Your Roommate is the Best

So, you get assigned a roommate, or sometimes more, during your Freshman year. But, once you become a Sophomore at the Mawr, you have the option of trying out the single life. But, Room Draw can be cruel and give you a bad number, so here are just some of the reasons living with your best friend, even until graduation, is the BEST!

1. You Always Have Another Key

If you lose your key, as we all do, there is always a spare somewhere! You can calmly search for it without the $50 penalty looming, for a bit. 

2. You (sometimes) Get a Bigger Room

With a bad Room Draw number, you may get stuck in a closet masked as a single. With a roommate, your dorm can be super huge, and it usually has some unique features!

3. You Have a Bigger Dorm Decoration Budget 

There is power in numbers, and more money to spend in the hopes of winning Project Dorm Room.

4. You Automatically Have a Bigger Wardrobe

If you two are the same size, then JACKPOT! You have the potential of never showing up to class in the same outfit twice. Or, you never have to waste time and money shopping in a real mall, since the closet has many choices for a night out (or any other occasion). And, even if you are not the same size, you just got access to accessories without any effort.

5. You Never Need to Buy Anything You Don't Have

Need a highlighter? Lamp? Extra set of sheets? Your roommate, especially after a few years, seems to have everything you don't, and vice versa. Even better, you know where everything is so you don't have to ask anymore. 

6. There is Always Someone There to Do a Task for You.

"Ask and ye shall receive." Favors are no longer a thing (even though you phrase them in that way). You always know your roomie will grab you a snack at the dining hall or hand in that paper you forgot to turn in for you without a second thought. 

7. You Have a Support System

You live with your BFFL, so there are no secrets between you. Your BFFL knows you so well that the detection radar is as advanced as anything the CIA has developed. Even if it is just a hug, your support system is always there because you are roommates.

8. There is Always Someone to Rant to

You have a live-in therapist who can and will just sit and listen to your monologue about life struggles. Then the both of you drown sorrows in a special treat like ice cream. Or, maybe fries and wine. 

9. You Get Adopted into Another Family 

Your BFFL's family knows you so well, that they might even treat you more like family than their own member! Care packages galore, "tell your roommate I said 'good luck on the midterm,'" and many other perks come with your roommate/BFFL always talking about you. Maybe you get invited to their family vacation to a fantastic place!

10. Every Night Can Be a Sleepover

You live together, so you pretty much have perpetual sleepovers. But, at any second, a late night study session can turn into a dance party or a reason for take out or movie screening or just a time for some cuddling. What else do you need?

11. You Always Have a Friend 

Your Best Friend For Life is just that. And that is all that matters, and all you need in life.