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10 Things You Need to Survive a Snowpocalypse

Snowstroms can be a downer, so here’s a few ways to make sure you stay positive in the cold!

 1.     Initial Denial

“It really can’t snow that much, right? My weekend plans are as good as set!”

2.     Dawning Realization

“Maybe I should just pick up a few things from the store…”

3.     A small mountain of your favorite cozy items

Blankets on blankets on electric blankets!

4.     At least three microwave meals

Because really, who wants to walk to the dining hall in blizzard?

5.     Comfort food for days

This is the one-time excuse you were looking for to buy that pound bag of Skittles.

6.     Enough hot beverages to quench an army

Because sometimes your blanket fort just doesn’t cut it.

7.     And while you’re at it, one (or maybe three) bottles of your other favorite beverages

Might as well enjoy your time indoors, right?

8.     A list of all those movies you’ve always wanted to watch

Homework? What is that?

9.     Fully charged electronics!

Or hope beyond all hope that the power doesn’t go out

And finally,

10.  Buddies to brave the storm with

Because no one should have to face a snowpocalypse alone!

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