Your Guide to Making a Finsta

Finstagram is one of the biggest social media phenomenons trending right now. A Finstagram, or a fake Instagram account, is a place where people post the pictures that they wouldn’t normally post on their regular Instagram accounts. Most people use Finstas to post crazy or disgusting pictures of themselves as a joke. Looking to create your own Finsta account? Read this guide to find out exactly how it’s done!

  • Username

The username is one of the most important parts of a Finsta. It is necessary to have a creative and funny username. Unlike a regular Instagram account, a Finsta username doesn’t necessarily need to have your name in it. Be creative with your username like the people mentioned here!

The bio of your Finsta account is another aspect of your account where you can be creative. Many people will use humorous quotes or sayings here to describe the theme of the Finsta, and what followers can expect to see more of

  • Types of Finstas

Finstas don’t have to be a personal account, like a regular Instagram account. Finstas can be shared between people, like the growing trend of Suite Finstas at colleges. If you and your suitemates want to make Finsta accounts, consider creating one joint account!

Do NOT follow everyone who you would normally follow on your Instagram account on your Finsta. Remember that you will be posting ridiculous pictures of yourself on this account. Do you really want that cute guy you met at the townhouses seeing pictures of you like the ones shown below? Of course not! Be very selective in who you follow.

Now that you have your Finsta set up, you need some content! Remember, a Finsta is not for posting perfectly photoshopped selfies of you and your dog. This account is meant to post all of the awful and funny pictures that you would never feel comfortable posting on your real Instagram account. Go crazy and have fun with it!