Your Gift Guide Based on Zodiac Signs

So here’s the deal: you never know what to get for that person in your life that is neither difficult nor easy to buy for right? Well at Her Campus, we think we may have solved your problems with a gift giving guide based on none other than zodiac signs. Now please be advised that we are no experts on this matter, but we think we’ve got some gift giving ideas that might save you some trouble. 


Aries - These are our bold, adventurous ladies. 

Gift Idea: Sky Diving Tickets, or less extreme option a cute water bottle for their adventurous personality. Try a bold lip color for a stocking stuffer!


Taurus - Enjoy relaxing environments. 

Gift Idea: Give them a pampering gift set with nail polish, coffee gift card, fuzzy socks, favorite candy, and a Christmas movie. Or a little pricier option is bring them to the spa! Make it a present for you and your friend! A cheaper option is to buy them a manicure or pedicure gift card.


Gemini - A little social butterfly.

Gift Idea: Paint Night! Either go to a paint place or DIY at your own house. Get the essentials, paint, canvas, pizza etc. Another great option is concert tickets with friends!


Cancer - Very Sentimental. 

Gift Idea: Make something yourself! Nothing is better than something meaningful like a Shutterfly photo album of the memories would make an awesome gift!


Leo - Loves the spotlight!

Gift Idea: Gift cards! One of the best and easiest gifts for someone! If they love makeup, get them a Morphe eye shadow palette! 


Virgo - Organized and detail oriented.

Gift Idea: Help them stay organized this year with a cute planner. Match it with a straw tumbler and a coffee gift card!


Libra - Very peaceful.

Gift Idea: A yoga membership, or buy them a cute yoga mat and workout outfit!


Scorpio - Determined!

Gift Idea: If you know they've been setting their sights on accomplishing something, help them out! Like hiking a mountain, you don’t have to do it with them, but encourage them! Buy them something that will aid their adventure. Another idea is  some motivational jewelry or framed sayings!


Sagittarius - Curious and energetic.

Gift Idea: Day trip to a different state! Whether it is the next state over or on the other coast, plan a day trip or over night, that is filled with new adventures. See what is happening in the next state over, whether that is a new ski location, a new lunch place or a cool sight that the state brags about!


Capricorn - Likes music!

Gift Idea: Buy them a Spotify or apple gift card to download all of their music needs, or take them to go see a concert!


Aquarius - Love helping others.

Gift Idea: Donate to a charity of their choice in their name! 


Pisces - Intuitive and artistic!

Gift Idea: Buy them a gift card to go see a psychic! Make them a gift basket with their favorite things, a book, a coffee gift card, a journal, candle, tumbler with straw, and face mask.


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