You Are Enough

You are enough.

You may not be feeling your best all the time. Sometimes you may feel like the world is crumbling beneath you but in reality it is standing strong against all of your troubles. You are breathing, your heart is beating every second, you have people rooting for you even when you feel lonely.

There may be someone smarter than you, someone that has nicer things than you, or someone who is more talented than you but none of that matters in the slightest bit because you are enough. As long as you are trying your absolute hardest to succeed in this crazy thing called life then that is a job well done.

Maybe you feel like you will never live up to the expectations of your family, your teachers, or your friends but you will. You can do it. Maybe you feel like the person you have been daydreaming about will never notice you but they will. Or if they don’t, then someone much better will. Maybe you feel like you won’t finish something but it will be done before you know it. Maybe you feel lonely but you are not alone.

You are the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. You are the sun peeking through the clouds. You are the smell of freshly washed sheets. You are the feeling of hugging a loved one you haven’t seen in a while. You are the sweet taste of lemonade on a hot summer day. You are the feeling of finding a 20 dollar bill in your pocket. You are enough. You are amazingly, beautifully, uniquely you.  Never forget that.