Women Who Are a Badass on TV and in Real Life

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These women’sTV characters aren’t the only badass ones; check out some of the amazing things these women do in their everyday lives that make us proud to be their fans.

1. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope (Scandal)

On TV: Olivia Pope is THE fixer in Washington. She uses her skills to run the nation’s capital from every angle and make sure the gladiators always get the win.

In Real Life: Kerry Washington is not only an accomplished actress but an amazing mom of 2 and a dedicated political advocate fighting for equality. Washington is a dedicated member of the Creative Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group fighting for people from all walks of life made up of members of the entertainment industry. Additionally, she is on the board of V-Day, a global group fighting to end violence against women. Washington sits on the board of the group making decisions that help to save lives of women and girls every day.

2. Viola Davis as Annalise Keating (How to Get Away with Murder)

On TV: Annalise Keating is hands down the best lawyer around. She works with her students to defend the rights of others all while getting away with murder.

In Real Life: Viola Davis, nominated this year for the Academy Award for Best Actress, is a Julliard graduate who not only puts her talents in front of the screen, but produces magic behind the scenes as well. She spends her time off screen being a kick-ass mom raising her daughter while simultaneously advocating for the rights and equality of African Americans. All this was sparked with her historical Emmy nomination and win being the first woman of color to ever win the nomination for best actress.

3. Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson (Law and Order: SVU)

On TV: Olivia Benson, mom and detective turned Sergeant works with the rest of the Special Victims Unit work together to protect the streets of New York from rapists, serial killers and murderers alike saving and advocating for men, women and children who have been assaulted.

In Real Life: Mariska Hargitay’s real life doesn’t differ too much from that of Sergeant Benson's, aside from the fact that Mariska isn’t actually in the police force (but that’s beside the point). Her work on SVU inspired the successful mom of three to establish the Joyful Heart Foundation, an organization which provides and advocates for victims of sexual abuse.

4. Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay (Chicago PD)

On TV: Erin Lindsay is a tough Chicago cop working in the intelligence unit to bring down all kinds of criminals, from drug lords and serial killers to rapists. She and the rest of the unit take an intense and dedicated approach to protecting the city of Chicago. 

In Real Life: Sophia Bush is a super advocate for women everywhere. Starting after her time on One Tree Hill (ugh, Brooke Davis we miss you) she is a celebrity who really truly practices what she preaches. She advocates for the rights of women, works closely with Mariska Hargitay’s charity (The Joyful Heart Foundation) and was even an integral part of the Women’s March on Washington. Sophia is also a huge voice in the political stage protesting and advocating for what she believes in every day.