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Why You Shouldn’t Care Which Candidate Your Favorite Celeb Endorses

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Oh the presidential campaign, it is probably one of the easiest ways to start a war on Facebook in under a minute. As Americans, we should be a lot more interested in politics than we typically are, but this race has just about everyone putting in their two cents. As the heat of the campaign trail is on fire, and the primary votes are coming in, every state is coming down to the wire. Through everything, celebrities are throwing out endorsements left and right.

Celebrities have every right to publicly support whoever they please, and we think it is great that they do! But the fans of these celebrities should only take these endorsements lightly. First off, though we all feel as though we have a strong spiritual connection with Beyoncé, we are a lot different from her. First, we are college students, most of us aren’t millionaire pop stars, and many of us have different interests at heart. Don’t get us wrong, we love Beyoncé, but our views might not be exactly the same as hers! Celebrities like Kerry Washington, America Ferreira, Katy Perry and many of the ladies on The Official List of Unofficial Queens, ie. Beyoncé, Brittany Spears, Kendall Jenner, and JLo, all are really big Hillary Clinton supporters. Which is cool, but it should not sway your opinion. You have no idea how much time, information, and influence was put into their public backing on a candidate. How much time does Beyoncé have to research the presidential candidates when she is clearly busy taking over the world?

It seems like celebrities have been getting really involved in politics lately. Celebrities do tend to have a lot of influence over their fans, they’re constantly endorsing products (cough,cough @ the Kardashians), but is endorsing a candidate too much? Or are they just practicing freedom of speech?

Don’t get us wrong, we love all of our favorite celebs, just make sure you’re not voting based on their opinions! We recommend www.isidewith.com to guide you on which presidential candidate your views align with the most. Please don’t forget to vote, no matter who you side with, make your voice heard this election!