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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Clothes, shoes, books, furniture, kitchen items… all thrifted?! Here at Her Campus Bryant, we love thrifting – and we’re here to tell you why!


The Price

Naturally, thrift store prices are extremely low compared to regular retail stores. We’ve been able to find Victoria’s Secret leggings for $10 and Loft sweaters for $8! Also, many thrift stores give you discounts or store credit if you donate your unwanted items. If you’re on a budget but need new clothing or other items, we highly recommend trying a thrift store first. 


The Variety

Depending on the thrift store you go to, you might be able to find everything ranging from kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee makers, to clothing and accessories like scarves and wallets. It’s so convenient to go into one store and be able to get everything you may need in one place!


The Hidden Gems

Sometimes we’ve been lucky enough that we’ve found brand new items with the tags still on, or designer/name brand items in thrift stores. Thrift shopping is kinda like treasure hunting – you never know what you’re going to find, and you may hit the jackpot!


The Environmental Impact

Every piece of secondhand clothing (or other items) purchased means one less new item produced. The amount of water and energy used to create new products is much greater for new items – compared to virtually nothing when you buy something pre-loved! Did you know there’s actually enough items on the planet (like clothing, furniture, household items, etc.) to last the entire world 20 years without buying anything new? The next time you need something, try buying it pre-loved!


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