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Why We LOVE Puddleton Rain Boots!

Classic Tall and Packable Style Review
These boots are both extremely light-weight compared to other rain boots that I own. When I wear other pairs I find myself dragging each leg and tripping over my feet, however with these I am able to walk much easier. The inside of the boots are lined with thin, soft fabric which keeps your feet and legs comfortably warm. Again, with other boots I own I find that the liners are either extremely thick and I sweat or too thin and my toes freeze. In addition to comfort, I gave both pairs the “puddle test” and jumped around like a child without a single drop touching my feet. Though I have only worn both a few times, they are staying in great condition so far and I have received a bunch of complements on them. When comparing the two styles, each have their own benefits. The Classic Tall, which I have in pink, are extremely comfortable thanks to the memory foam insoles that Puddletons use in this boot. In regards to style, I would describe the color as “Barbie-pink” and I find them to be easily paired, as a colorful piece, with a variety of outfits. The second pair, the Packable Puddletons, are unique as well. Truly, I think that the idea behind these boots is ingenious and ultra-convenient! These boots fold up into a small travel bag and take up little to no room. Therefore, the usual problem of rain boots taking up too much space when packing a suitcase, putting them in your car or keeping them in a dorm room has been solved. A working person could easily wear their pair during their commute, change into work shoes and then fold them up and tuck them away for the day. The top of these boots have an elastic sock lining that sticks out of the top, as well, which provides extra warmth and protection from the rain. I own this boot in the Red Geometric style which is super bright and trendy for the spring. The pattern is girly and playful and unlike any other boots that I own! Lastly, the price for these boots range from $39.99-59.99, which is very reasonable for the quality and style that they provide. If you’re interested in checking them out, you can visit their website or social media accounts which I added below!
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