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Why It’s Okay to Stalk Your Own Instagram

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Everyone here at Her Campus could agree that we scroll through our own feed on Instagram AT LEAST a handful of times throughout the week. Maybe it’s just a girl thing, but honestly, it’s serves as an outlet of entertainment. If someone’s newsfeed is dead, why not resort back to something they already know was a high quality post?

Want to bask in the satisfaction of the 100 likes on a selfie with just the perfect lighting (200 if someone is just that much of a Insta socialite)? Maybe potentially laugh at a photo of an ex if it isn’t deleted or passive-aggressively re-captioned already? Or the universal favorite, that one “girl’s night” that ultimately turned into preying on boys who seemed cute in the moment and ended with a major headache the next day? (Don’t deny it, it happens to the best.)

People’s Instagrams can honestly tell a lot about a person. A few questions that may be asked are- Does this person have a sufficient follower to following ratio? Are the posts of quality or are they all just Snapchats with the dog filter? Does this person really look that good in person? But, more importantly, their interests, past achievements, or of course that one “wicked” (since this is New England) adorable puppy video that they posted 42 weeks ago. But, admiring your own feed is something that should not be publicly frowned upon. Maybe someone is really craving Chipotle and wants to synthetically re-live eating that burrito from three weeks ago. The circumstances are not always known, so let them do them.

Ultimately, it does not make someone conceded or self-centered if they just want to remind themselves how hot they looked one night. Hey, maybe someone is having a bad day and are using that as a ‘pick-me-up’. This is no place to judge. Everyone here at Her Campus can agree that there should be no shame in taking that daily scroll through your feed and admiring the awesome life you were given. Keep scrolling, ladies!

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