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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

When you get to college, you are unsure if or when you are going to make friends. And when you do make friends, you wonder if this was the right friend group for you. These are common aspects of any college girl’s life, and this happened to me.

I did not find a solid group of friends until the middle of my first semester at Bryant. As a very social person, this was difficult for me. My whole life, I had always been on sports team, and for all three seasons. I always had a group of people in my life to laugh with, compete with, and create bonds with that were like no other. But, coming into Bryant, I did not have that team. I did not have those people to bond with and spend almost every single day with. That is, until formal recruitment started.

At first, joining a sorority seemed nothing like who I was as a person. My sister was in one, and she encouraged it greatly, and I had no idea why until formal recruitment occurred. You see, a sorority is not about parties. It is not about having sleepovers and being the “girls to rule the campus.” Those are the outlooks encouraged by movies and they could not be more wrong about what a sorority really is.

A sorority is about finding those people to pick you up when you are at your absolute worse, even if you just joined the sorority.

A sorority is about raising money for a philanthropy out of the goodness of your own heart.

A sorority is about being with a group of girls that act as your teammates; especially during Greek Week.

A sorority is about finding who you truly are through the actions of your sisters.

A sorority is about finding your “family” away from your family.

A sorority is about taking on leadership positions and being in the same organization as some of the biggest leaders on this campus.

A sorority is about finding your sisterhood, finding yourself, finding your home.

So, I am asking you to look into formal recruitment. Sign up for something you would’ve never imagined yourself being involved in. Do this for yourself. You never know; you may just find your home.

Junior at Bryant University from a small town in Connecticut
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