Why I Joined A Sorority

Finding your place on campus during your first years at college may seem a little nerve-wracking. You may miss the people and activities such as clubs and sports that you were use to being surrounded by back home. Before I came to college, I never pictured myself as someone that would be interested in joining a sorority or Greek life. However, over my first few months on campus I saw how involved, close-knit, and welcoming the Greek life community was. This pushed me to go through formal recruitment where I was lucky enough to find my home and new sisters. Throughout my time being a part of a sorority and Greek life as a whole, I have gained so many valuable experiences and friendships. Here are some of the reasons I am proud to have joined a sorority:

  • I found my roommates, best friends, and future bridesmaids
  • I have a support system like no other, these girls are by my side unconditionally and are always ready to cheer me up on the bad days and celebrate on the good ones
  • I was introduced to many other clubs and organizations throughout campus by my sisters who pushed me to be more outgoing
  • I gained a whole community of fun, friendly, and hardworking individuals who I love to spend my time with in other sororities & fraternities 
  • I’ve gained tons of new experiences and held numerous leadership positions that have greatly impacted and changed me as an individual and can one day help me in my future career
  • I have had endless networking opportunities and many people a part of Greek life were introduced to their internships & careers through alumni
  • I’ve made some of the best memories and had the best laughs with people who will a part of my life far beyond college


Being in a sorority has changed my life and has helped me grow as an individual. I have never felt so confident, loved and important before meeting this group of girls and I hope that joining a sorority can bring you as much happiness and friendship it has brought me.