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Whiter Teeth Without Whitening Strips

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? The first solution that comes to our minds is whitening strips, but those can be expensive and somewhat of a hassle. Here are some tricks you can use to whiten up those teeth, without the cost and frustration of whitening strips! 
-Baking soda: put half of a teaspoon on your toothbrush once or twice a week for the best results!
-Over the counter trays and gels save a ton of money! 
-Teeth whitening pen kits have been proven to do the trick! 
-Toothpaste with teeth whitener already added can’t hurt. 
-Whitening mouth wash; especially when paired with the whitening toothpaste! 
-Some people swear by squirting lemon juice onto their toothbrush. Hey, it’s all natural, so it’s got to be worth a shot!
-Anything that contains hydrogen peroxide works as well!
-Try to avoid drinks that can stain your teeth like coffee, soda, red wine, and sugary juices. If you do drink these, be sure to brush your teeth soon after. Drinking with a straw also reduces 
the contact of liquid and teeth, which helps immensely!
Thank you, Pinterest, for these remedies!


Marissa is a sophomore at Bryant University majoring in management and minoring in psychology. She is the Social Media chair at HC, which she absolutely loves! Her favorite past times are baking (esp. chocolate covered pretzels) and exercising. Marissa hopes to work for a large corporation when she graduates in May 2016.
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