What Your Major Should Be, Based on Your Astrological Sign

Having trouble picking a major? Just look to the stars!

Aquarius- Political Science

Aquarius are the humanitarians. They are independent leaders who are able to think creatively and have a desire to change the world. They love to help others, and fight against oppression. What better way to fight the man than from the inside?   

Pisces- Psychology

Pisces are compassionate, wise, gentle and intuitive. They are friendly and selfless, and tend to give their all without expecting anything in return. They would make perfect psychologists because they openly offer support and advice. They are not judgmental and are extremely forgiving, which will help them deal with people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Aries- Marketing

Aries are determined, enthusiastic and confident. They can be impulsive and aggressive, but this helps with their competitive nature. Marketing is a dynamic, fast paced career. Aries are the most active sign, and would thrive in this competitive atmosphere.

Taurus- Accounting

 Most people want their accountants to be reliable, practical, and responsible. Fortunately, these are all personality traits of a Taurus! These people are devoted to what they do, and are patient and stable. Perfect for punching numbers all day. They tend to be conservative, and are willing to work hard to make money. They stick to a project no matter what- you would be lucky to have a Taurus filing your taxes.  

Gemini- Hospitality

These individuals are affectionate, curious, adaptable, and can be inconsistent and indecisive at times. They learn quickly and are good at exchanging ideas, being sociable and fun. Hospitality can be a very versatile degree, leading to careers running hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies. Gemini would make great travel agents since they enjoy changing their routines, traveling, and learning about the world around them. They want to see and experience everything, and their restless nature will have them jetting all over the world, educating groups of tourists.

Cancer- English

Cancers are imaginative, emotional, and persuasive, sometimes to the point of being manipulative. They are sentimental and highly intuitive, meaning they would be great at analyzing literature. Their ability to feel deeply and be sensitive would also make them good writers, as their work would be highly charged with emotion.    

Leo- Theater

If you are a Leo, then stereotypically you would be creative, passionate, cheerful and humorous. Leos can be self-centered because they love being admired. This makes them perfect for the spotlight. They are dramatic and confident, and enjoy expressing their artistic talent. They know how to achieve their goals, meaning they will work their way to center stage. They love life and having a good time- good thing actors have a lavish lifestyle!

Virgo- Nursing

 A Virgo nurse is certain to take great care of you. They are practical, analytical and hard working. They are extremely careful and cautious individuals, since they pay attention to small details and can have an all work, no play mentality. Fortunately, working in healthcare requires you to have a good head on your shoulders. They are methodical and leave nothing to chance. They want to get to the core of the problem, which would make them good at diagnosing sicknesses.

Libra- Education

Libras would make great teachers since they are cooperative, fair, and peaceful. They believe in equality, so they would not favor some students over others. They would create a classroom environment that is balanced and calm. They are diplomatic and balanced, meaning they could easily deal with parents and students.

Scorpio- Criminal Justice

Scorpios are resourceful, brave and passionate individuals. They are also stubborn and distrusting, meaning they may be a good match for criminal justice. Scorpios are determined to find the truth since they hate dishonesty, which would result in some Olivia Benson level detective skills. They are great leaders, assertive, and suspicious in nature.

Sagittarius- Biology

Sagittarius are energetic, open minded, and love to travel. They tend to wander in search of meaning and discovery, which is why they are well matched for biology. This would allow them to learn, explore, and research, which would satisfy their curiosity. They are free spirited, enthusiastic people who love freedom and exploration. Delving into the sciences is the perfect way to utilize their very active minds.

Capricorn- Management

Capricorns are responsible and self-disciplined. They make an ideal manager because they are good at maintaining control of people and situations. They might be a tough boss, because they can be know-it-alls and unforgiving, but they know how to get the job done. They are practical and serious individuals, so they would do well with a job that requires a lot of responsibility.

So what do you think, did we guess your major correctly? Let us know!

Photos and information on zodiac signs courtesy of Astrology-Zodiac-Signs.