What You Should Definitely NOT Be For Halloween

Everyone knows that kids our age are all about pushing social boundaries, especially when it comes to our choice in Halloween costumes. Before we all get too crazy this year, here are some options that you should definitely leave in the store.

Stereotype Costumes:

Yes, we all grew up loving Pocahontas and grew into our love for Mexican food and tequila, but costumes that revolve around cultural stereotypes are definitely some to avoid this year.

Megyn Kelly’s Tampon (Or any tampon for that matter):

We should all know how wrong this costume is, and to be honest its wrong that a company thought that making it would be a good idea. Not only is it offensive to Megyn Kelly, but it is also offensive to women in general. Also, just for future reference, any costume related to tampons should definitely not be a thing.


It’s not as funny as you think it is. Don’t do it.

Anything that Involves Blackface:

While we are sure that you are dying to dress up as Kim and Kanye for Halloween, there are plenty of ways to dress like Kanye without being completely offensive, ya know? Put on a concert tee and some Yeezy’s for sure, but don’t get carried away and keep it respectful.


Clearly with all the clowns in the news lately, pop culture might suggest that this would be a good costume idea. However, with all the safety issues these clown costumes are causing it’s better to steer clear of the big red nose and oversized shoes.

Anything that is overtly offensive:

There are plenty of things to be this Halloween that are fun, cute, scary, sexy etc. that don’t offend people. Don’t pick something offensive because you think it’s funny, chances are it isn’t and it just makes people uncomfortable.