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What is Women On Call?

Many of you I’m sure have heard the buzz about this program, but what essentially is it and what does it have to do you with you?  We sort of wondered the same thing until we got the chance to really form a great relationship with The Women Center, this program, and of course the awesome Toby Simon!  If you have yet to walk into the Women’s Center, take a few minutes to!  You can go in there to just chill, do some homework in the quiet, or learn/use some of the great programs offered.  So, yes, we had no idea exactly what Women on Call was until now…


Women on Call Program

The Women on Call program is a 24/7 campus response team for incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and relationship violence. It is a support network for both female and male students here at Bryant. The goal of this program is to supply a resource for students who fall victim to the issues stated above.


Women on Call Group

The WOC (Women on Call) group consists of Bryant staff who have received training in rape crisis intervention, counseling, and support services. They are a dedicated staff who will help students understand the options that are available to them in the event of such an incident. They stand by the student throughout the processes of addressing these issues.


What you can do with this number

Even though you may not have had any experience with such situations, having this number for safe keeps couldn’t hurt. So write it down ladies and gentlemen, and help stop the violence.  


Here are a few general questions about the WOC program answered by our very own Toby Simon. Toby is assistant to the Dean of Students, and Director of the Gertrude Meth Hochberg Women’s Center here at Bryant. She is also one of the members of the Women on Call Group, and is well informed on the topic.

Will anyone else know that I called?

No, your conversation with the Woman on Call is confidential and private. Parents are NEVER notified.

What if I don’t want to report anything about it, and I just want to talk about what happened?

That’s perfectly fine. A lot of victims aren’t ready in the beginning to report the incident and need time to think about that option. Some women are mostly interested in talking about what happened and getting counseling.

What if I can’t do it alone, will you meet me?

Absolutely; the Woman on Call are advocates for the student throughout the entire process. This could mean going to the hospital with her for support, meeting with law enforcement, reporting the incident to the campus authorities, or helping her get to a counselor.  

Does the incident have to be recent or can I call about something that happened in the past?

We are available to students who want to talk about any incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or dating violence, no matter when the incident occurred.

What if it’s not me that was sexually harassed, but one of my friends? Could I call to find out what to do?  

Again, absolutely call the Woman On Call for some assistance, advice, and support. Friends need help too and we are available to provide that kind of help.

If you have any other questions feel free to stop by the Women’s center located on the second floor of the Bryant Center, next to the Intercultural Center, or call us at (401)-232-6854.


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