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What Should and Should NOT go on VSCO

VSCO cam is the new and up-and-coming social media site for pictures. It can kind of be described as the new tumblr. Many people post a link to their “grid” in their Insta bio. Each person has a collection of pictures but there is no liking and no captions. So what should you be posting on it? Her Campus has a few tips on what will give you the best VSCO out there.


  • If you don’t feel confident enough for a Instagram selfie VSCO is the perfect place for it. Sometimes people are scared everyone will see their Insta selfie, and what if they don’t get enough likes… posting it on VSCO solves your problem. Not many people have it, so most likely once you make one only your close friends will follow you at first. Also there no fear of not getting a lot of likes. So post that cute selfie if you are #feelingyourself

Nature pics:

  • For all of you that go to Bryant the most beautiful time of the year for our campus is approaching. So snap a bunch of artsy pics of the trees and the pond and get your VSCO flowing! To all of you that are abroad: take the best pictures of whatever country you are in! VSCO iis the perfect place to share them. If we are being honest, no one on Insta cares about a pic of Bryant’s campus and no one is going to go through a 400 picture album on Facebook of all scenic pics.


  • If you are a foodie or like to cook your own dope meals take an aerial pic of your food and post it on VSCO. Sushi pics are super popular on VSCO… no one likes food pics on Insta anymore so share them on your VSCO from now on.

Embarrassing drunk pics:

  • If you have a good sense of humor, throw up a funny or embarrassing drunk pic of you or you and your friends to make things interesting. VSCO is the place to let loose, so go for it. Who cares, anyone that has the time to go through your page and make fun of you should get a life. #yolo

Posting a pic in the same outfit:

  • Typically it is frowned upon to post multiple Instas in the same outfit, but VSCO is totally different. If you look super hot on night and your outfit in #onfleek throw it up there! Post two or three with different people from that night or just different angles of your flawless self.

A few things to avoid:

  • Posting the same picture you instagramed
    • Try and spice it up a bit. You don’t want to bore people.
  • Posting over five times in one day
    • Don’t blow up someone’s feed just because likes aren’t a thing.
  • Posting only one of the categories listed above
    • The best VSCOs have a variety of pics, so mix it up.
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