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What’s in My Bag- Bryant University Spring Semester

Spring at Bryant is the best time to be a Bulldog. In comparison to any other season, when the weather gets warmer and the academic year starts to wind down, there is nothing better than the spring. Here is a look at what should be in every Bryant girl’s bag during the warm weather weeks in Smithfield.

  1. Cash- you’re going to need, literally need, an iced coffee from Dunkin or the café to celebrate the arrival of spring.
  2. A blanket or towel- how else will you be prepared for an impromptu tanning and hang out session by the pond?
  3. Sunglasses- see above ^
  4. A few Twisted Teas- For all those baseball and lacrosse games that involve tailgates and spectating in the sun
  5. Portable speakers- To get the party started 
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