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What It’s like to Experience Disney World as an Adult

Many people think that Walt Disney World is just a place for kids, but in reality it is a place for everyone. While at Disney, you can see elderly people, teenagers, newlyweds, and children. Disney truly is a place for people of any age to enjoy.

Going on the rides without a FastPass+ is no problem at this time of year, it is not during summer months or public school breaks. There are rides for every age group, and even the ones for the smaller children are fun! When waiting in line as an adult, you do not get annoyed as easily- plus, you have people to talk to and a phone to keep you busy. You might find it enjoyable to go with a family member, as waiting in line can give you a chance to bond and talk about what you want to do next.

The rides are fun, and not all of them are made for children. Many children go on the larger rides if they met the height requirement without realizing how scary the ride would be. As an adult, going onto Space Mountain is not scary, but young children will probably be screaming because it is dark. The rides are made for all age groups, and getting to meet the characters never gets old.

As an adult, you are also able to remember the trip better. If you went as a child, chances are you barely remember it. When you are older, you are able to remember the experience more and it is fun with family or friends. In our experience, you often have more fun as adults than as a child because of your age, having more patience, and appreciating where you are.

If you have not gone to Disney yet as an adult, we suggest you do so. You have much more appreciation for the rides and the experience now than you would as a child. It can be pricey, but if you plan in advance and get a group of people the price can be brought down. There were many college students there for spring break, and it can be fun realizing how many people truly wanted to experience Disney during break. 

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