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BeReal is a new social media app with the purpose of being unlike other social media platforms. Its purpose is to capture the essence of the here and now. No editing, no filters, simply who is the real person behind the screen. They randomly send out a notification throughout the day where there is a two minute timer that goes off to take a picture. The picture captures a selfie using the front camera and uses the phone’s back camera to capture the background as well. It is a two part picture which showcases both the front surroundings, typically a selfie and the background of what is happening as well. If a person misses the two minute timer, no worries! They still allow users to take their BeReal of the day, it just shows up late.

BeReal also allows people to connect and befriend each other on the app so everyone can see what each other are doing at the exact time of day due to the notification in a feed. There is a comment function also with a reaction function to express surprise, love, shock with preset reactions or reactions that a user can create specifically for that moment. Everyday a user takes their BeReal it is cataloged in a calendar for each day of the month and a user can access it by clicking their profile and see their BeReal from everyday. It is a capture of a moment of the day, everyday which is really cool! Check out BeReal and see if friends are already using it and join in!

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