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As the school year is coming to a close, it means all freshmen completed their first year of college: CONGRATS, YOU DID IT!! The first year is definitely the worst; you have to make new friends, go through the transition from high school teachers to college professors, and most importantly, learn from your many, many mistakes made throughout the year. As a freshman, here are some lessons I’ve learned over the course of the first two semesters at college.

1. You WILL Find Your People

Coming to school, everyone worries if they are going to make friends or not, especially after the dramatic last four years of high school. Trust us, you WILL find your people. You may not find them the first week or month or semester, but you WILL find where you belong.


In high school, there was always sports teams to join just so you would be active and doing something after a 6 to 7-hour day at school, but there was never a need to go beyond that. In college, you NEED to get involved. Since your days are shorter and classes vary in times, you will find yourself with so much time on your hands that watching actually Netflix becomes boring (we know, hard to believe). Join clubs and intramural teams to find your passion. This is a great way to meet new people and find a love for something you never thought that you had.

3. Know Your Place- You ARE a Freshman

Walking around campus is so intimidating at first because you do not really know the campus and you are unsure of who everyone is. As the weeks go by, you know more people and know the campus like the back of your hand. BUT do NOT act older than you are!! There are some people that are freshmen who act like they are seniors. Whether you are out at a party, walking around campus or simply getting food, it is essential that you realize your place. You do not want to be THAT freshman.

4. Be Nice to Everyone

This is a lesson we learned as kids, along with treat others the way you want to be treated. Being nice to everyone, though, is still so relevant as adults. People tend to forget that just a quick “hi” to someone can make their day. It is important to be nice, especially when you are entering a world where you do not know many people.

5. School Comes First

When we first get a glimpse of college, all we see is partying on a few weekdays and every weekend night. School does not seem to be the focus, but we are telling you this is not the case. While your social life is important, it is not as important as doing what you came to college to do. Do not waste your money or your parent’s money—go to class, get good grades and learn how to balance your schoolwork with your social life, it will be essential to surviving college.

6. Remember to Have Fun

With all of the other aspects, it is so important to enjoy your time as a freshman. You are opened up to a new world and it is expected of you to make as many new friends as possible. You are with these people for the next four years—make the best of it!

After freshman year, we have seen it all. Breakups, relationships starting, friendships emerging from all ends of campus—no matter what happens freshman year, it is there to help you become a better person. Do not shy away from opportunities and remember to thoroughly enjoy your time. After all, this is your last time being a freshman.

Junior at Bryant University from a small town in Connecticut
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