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What to Expect Now that Mila’s Expecting

Rumor has it that Mila and Ashton are expecting! Just after announcing the big news, Mila continued to make an appearance on the Red Carpet with co-star Channing Tatum, to promote their new movie, Jupiter Ascending. The mother-to-be took extra precautions when dressing for the event. She chose a loose-fitted dress with studded pumps, distracting the audience from her baby bump.

The couple reports feeling happy about the news! However, what happens next?

In addition to feeling excited, the two made note that they actually haven’t begun planning the wedding yet, and that Mila isn’t really interested in anything extravagant. It is important to the couple that they legalize their relationship, especially before the baby arrives… In other words, we should expect to hear wedding bells within the next month or so!

Stay tuned! 

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