What to Do If You're Staying On-Campus Easter Weekend

Some of us do not have the luxury of being able to drive an hour to make it home for Easter weekend.

Some of us may not even celebrate Easter, so what are we to do on a weekend where the campus is a ghost town?

Well, speaking from experience, Her Campus Bryant has come up for a few ideas of how to spend the weekend when most of the campus will be gone:


Book a Brunch with Those Who Have Stayed

This is a no-brainer. Easter is a great excuse to make a reservation at a cute brunch place you have been dying to go to. Buffet styles? Been craving an eggs benedict? Just a sucker for fixed menus? This is your weekend!

Also, call in ahead of time! Again, this weekend is popular for brunches. Those who live locally will also be trying to get into the same brunch places you are, so call ahead!


Easter Egg Hunt Around Campus

Since campus will be desolate, why not have a little fun with no one around? Whoever stays for the weekend, a fun idea is to coordinate an Easter egg hunt around campus! Whatever buildings are open, use them as your hiding places. You can even make some fun rules like “whoever gets the most eggs from (insert building name here), you get a prize (a chocolate bunny, perhaps?)”.

There is no harm in celebrating Easter as you used to as a kid. If you don’t celebrate Easter, running around campus looking for colored plastic eggs could be a new, fun experience!


At-Home Tea Party

Can’t get a reservation at that brunch spot we talked about before? Trying to ball on a budget? Another idea is to host a brunch! Put on a cute outfit, cook up some brunch food, and have a good time. Friends are family too, right?


Visit the Easter Bunny

Want to REALLY re-live your childhood? Find a mall or store near you that will have an Easter bunny. Go take that picture, post it on Instagram, have no shame in showing your inner kid!


Color Eggs and Crafts!

Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we can’t color some eggs or make crafts. This is our favorite part of Easter! Laying the newspaper on the kitchen table, picking the colors, stencils, and glitter -- nothing like a good ole tradition. Maybe even make a competition with your friends who have stuck around and have an outsider judge the best-decorated egg! You can even google some easy, cute crafts you and your friends can make! Who doesn't love crafts?


Are There Any Gardens Around?

Easter weekends makes us want to really enjoy the springtime weather (if Mother Nature permits), and finding a garden to stroll through will do just the trick.



Find a pond or lake, grab a blanket and make some sandwiches. The great thing about picnics is that you can even have one by yourself! Easter weekend is a time to decompress, enjoy the tranquility and recollect your thoughts from the past few busy months.


We know staying on-campus for Easter weekend is not always the most fun time. However, we hope that some of these suggestions will make it a little less lonely and boring!

Gather the friends who may be staying around and celebrate as your family would! Or, for those who don’t celebrate, use it as an excuse for brunch, dressing up, relaxation and best of all – mimosas!