What to Bring on SIE Malaysia & Singapore

If you are going on SIE (Sophomore International Experience) you are in for an adventure. Our executive board members who have been on this trip have said “it was the best 10 days of my life.” Trying to pack for a 10-14 day trip can be a little complicated especially because you don’t want to over pack.

We created a list of all of our items that we recommend bringing to Malaysia & Singapore.

1. Sweatpants for the flight

The flight for this trip is LONG. It can be up to 14 hours for one flight plus another 8 after a layover. You want to be comfy for this.

2. Compression socks

Since the flight is so long, it is important to make sure your legs do not swell up. Make sure you get up and walk around the plane. Compression socks will promote circulation while you are sitting down.

3. Business clothes

Since you will have a few company visits, we recommend bringing some dress pants and some dress shirts.

4. Elephant pants

Since Malaysia is a Muslim country, it is discouraged to wear bottoms that are above the knee. These pants are perfect for the warm climate. They are flowy, comfy and you’ll stay cool and look cute while doing so. If you do not own any elephant pants, they are available at many places in Malaysia for as low as 4 USD. There is a good chance that you will see them in stores the day you arrive so you will be able to buy a few pairs.

5. Solid colored shirts

Since you might not know what color elephant pants you are going to purchase, we recommend bringing some inexpensive, solid colored short sleeve shirts. Avoid black or other dark colors because that will only make you hotter.

6. Rompers and Dresses

Since rompers and dresses are one article, you’ll save some room while packing. Just make sure they are not too revealing.

7. Going out clothes

Bring some of your favorite going out clothes with you because you’ll have free time to explore the cities at night.

8. Toilet Paper

Many public bathrooms do not provide toilet paper so it is best to bring your own. You can purchase travel rolls on Amazon that can fit in your purse!

9. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is important for any destination because there are so many people in public places. The meal pictured above requires you to eat with your hands, the restaurant does not give you any cutlery. You will want your hands very clean for this. Keep your hands clean to protect yourself from germs!

10. Luggage Lock

It is important to lock your luggage on the plane but also in the hotel room when you are out and about. You will have peace of mind knowing that your things are locked up in the hotel room. This also encourages you to be more organized because you have to put belongings back into your suitcase every day. Just make sure it is TSA approved!

11. Crossbody purse

Do not bring your expensive, designer purse on this trip. Instead, it is best to purchase an inexpensive purse from a store like Marshalls that is crossbody. Keep one hand on it at all times to avoid pit pockets.

12. Snacks

While it is great to try Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, you may not like some of it and will want your favorite snacks. Snacks are also great on long bus rides and in between meals.  


We hope you enjoy this adventure of a lifetime! Take advantage of every activity presented to you and live in the moment. When you return to Bryant, you will be wishing the pond is the Strait of Malacca.

All photos taken by Kim Flynn