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Happy Earth Week!

This year we have made a pledge to create less waste. Some things are easy, some will take more work. For starters, ditch the single use plastic! On Amazon, you can buy an 8 pack of metal straws for just $8. Reusable shopping bags are worth the investment, they hold much more, and create less waste. When purchasing produce, opt out of the plastic bag. You will end up washing what you buy anyway, so there is no need to create waste. Recycle everything you can! Reuse what you can. Take shorter showers. We are all guilty of loving the hot water, especially after a workout, but it is so bad for the environment. Keep in mind that some places on the planet do not have clean water, and we often take that luxury for granted. Electricity is a big one! If you aren’t using it, shut it off. Make a habit of turning the lights or fans off when you leave a room. You can also buy eco-friendlier light bulbs. Everyone on the planet can choose to be greener. Instead of using any old search engine, download Ecosia. Ecosia is a Google extension that plants trees across the globe! We all use the internet daily, might as well give back, right? These changes might be small, or seem simple, but they help a tremendous amount. We only have one planet! Treat it right before it’s too late!


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