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Via Valenti and Lexi Coyne – Why You Should Get to Know These Two Amazing Freshmen Running for Student Government Positions!

Maybe you already know these girls, maybe you don’t. If you are in Greek Life you might know Lexi and Via because they joined Delta Zeta this semester and are now sorority sisters and with that, a part of the Panhellenic/Greek life community! You also might know Lexi from her campaigning around campus, from the yoga classes she teaches in the gym, or from Yoga Club meetings on Thursday nights. Maybe you know Via from her Starbucks vs Dunkin campaign on Instagram, the Honors program, or you’re in CEO with her. Whether you know them or not – you definitely want to read this article and get to know both Lexi and Via because although they are only freshman now, they are both a force to be reckoned with on the Bryant campus – especially after running in this election!



Name: Via Valenti

Nickname(s): Via is really my nickname! My real name is Olivia.

Grade: Freshman

Major: Politics and Law



Name: Alexandra Coyne

Nickname(s): Lexi, Lex

Grade: Freshman

Major: International Business- Finance, Minors in Chinese and Spanish


HC: What is your hometown?

Via: Manchester by the Sea, MA

Lexi: West Hartford, CT


HC: What are your current positions or involvements on campus?

  • Via: Current Press Secretary for Student Government, Honors Program, and Professional Development Chair for the Honors Council, Outreach Coordinator for Women in Business (a subset of CEO), Student Ambassador, Delta Zeta Sorority, Relay for Life Captain!
  • Lexi: I am currently a Senator for the class of 2021 on Student Government. I helped create the Yoga Club and I am currently the treasurer. I am also a member of Delta Zeta. I have an on campus job as a yoga instructor a few times a week, and I work off campus to teach yoga to special needs children!


HC: We know you are both running for a position on Student Government as freshman, which is so impressive! What made you interested in being on the Student Government?

Via: I’ve been involved in student gov. since I was in middle school! I did a variety of positions and every year I got more interested. I ended up loving it so much I changed my major during orientation from communications to politics!

Lexi: I ran for my first position as a Senator in the fall and it was the best decision I have made so far at Bryant. I love being involved and helping to make Bryant’s campus the best it can be!


HC: Via what made you want to run for secretary?

Via: Like I said, anything in politics is super enjoyable for me! But being press sec allowed me to realize what areas in student gov really fit my strengths! The tasks I was assigned as the PS really translates into the responsibility of an e-board secretary, it just encompasses more involvement, group work, and discussion which I’m (hopefully!) looking forward to.  


HC: Lexi what made you want to run for VPSO?

Lexi: I understand how important our clubs and organizations are to the Bryant community. I believe that I would be able to help the presidents during SPAC as a whole and on a personal level. I am only a freshman, so I plan to dedicate my next three years to this position should I win. I would be able to help each club individually and get to know their members and executive board, and push them to grow both as people and clubs!


HC: Do you have a campaign plan or slogan in place? If so, what does it involve and why did you choose this specific approach?

Via: I had the opportunity to campaign alongside some really hardworking people (Noah Pease and Kojo Appiah) who have been amazing to bounce ideas off of! We had a few ideas but ended up using “Make Your Voice Heard” as our slogan. We wanted to make it simple, and something that we can promise to follow through on especially since we all agree our mission in the Student Gov is to keep the student bodies voice as our main priority.

Lexi: Yes, it’s Join Coyne! I believe presidents should be made aware of all the abilities they have to request funding, make better budgets and put on events, especially off campus trips! I would love to help both new and established clubs attain their goals and flourish. Specifically, I hope to make the SPAC meetings (which some (most) people have had aversion to in the past) way more efficient and insightful. I’m approaching this position with hope that each president would feel comfortable contacting me with any question they might have at any time. I want to cultivate a personal relationship with all of the presidents.


HC: What do you think has been the most effective way to campaign?

Via: Probably just not being farfetched. Being honest on what you can follow through with was really important to us. But every campaign is different, and different positions require different slogans so if varies person to person for sure!

Lexi: Through campaigning, I’ve reached out to people and asked for their insight before asking for their vote. Each and every president should feel like the person they are electing for VPSO is going to give their all to represent them and genuinely listen to their opinions, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.


HC: What was your dream job growing up?

Via: My dream job growing up was to be a vet!

Lexi: International business lawyer (still is)


HC: Favorite moment at Bryant so far?

Via: I have a lot of favorite moments. I can’t pick one!

Lexi: Starting yoga club! Our meetings have been so great, I highly encourage everyone to come!  (Meetings are Thursdays at 6:15 – their logo was actually created by me!)


HC: What’s your favorite quote?

Via: ““Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

Lexi: Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward


HC: Who is your celebrity look alike?

Via: Omg! I have no idea, some people tell me I look like Sarah Hyland but I don’t see it at all! (plus she’s stunning)

Lexi: I’ve been compared to Sammi Hanratty, but I don’t see it.


HC: If you weren’t in college what would you be doing?

Via: Probably something with makeup since I’m super obsessed with anything related to it!

Lexi: Teaching yoga full time!


HC: If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

Via: 100% Bora Bora, it looks like the most stunning place ever!

Lexi: Taung Kalat Monastery, Myanmar because it is home to the most beautiful Buddhist temple in all of the world!


HC: Finish the sentence: with a million dollars I would

Via: Buy all the makeup I could, help out the people closest to me, and then donate the rest!

Lexi: Open a yoga studio, put myself through law school, and spend the rest on traveling!


HC: What do you like most about being at Bryant?

Via: The opportunities you have no matter your grade. I got involved the second I got on campus, and it’s so easy to get a leadership position as long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing.

Lexi: My high quality education and all of the involvements I have and love!


HC: What do you like the least?

Via: Food options! (We NEED a chipotle on campus + Chick-Fil-A)

Lexi: The Bryant ratio (lol)


HC: Would you rather work tirelessly for 10 years and make all the money you need to live then retire early or work until retirement age earning just enough to live?

Via: Work tirelessly for 10 years and make all the money you need to live, but keep working after the 10 HAHA.

Lexi: Work tirelessly for 10 years! I think I would go crazy if I actually retired, I would still be working on something!


HC: Coke or Pepsi? Starbucks or Dunkin? Netflix or Hulu?

Via: Coke, Dunkin, Netflix

Lexi: Coke, neither I don’t drink caffeine, Netflix (duh)


HC: What’s your favorite restaurant in the area?

Via: Thirsty Beaver!

Lexi: Sienna. Best pasta dishes I’ve ever had. Sorry Mom.


HC: What is a fun fact that would surprise people?

Via: I can rap “Rap God” and can say 32 digits of Pi!

Lexi: I own a gigantic bearded dragon named Puff. @dank_dragon – follow him on Insta!


HC: What’s the best vacation you’ve been on?

Via: Hmm, probably to Italy!

Lexi: I went to Puerto Rico in April of 2017 and it was so beautiful! I loved being able to talk to the taxi drivers in Spanish and go scuba diving!


HC: If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be?

Via: There’s so many people! But probably Amy Schumer or Kristen Wiig because I think they’re so funny and we’d get along.

Lexi: My younger self. I would love to go back and tell myself to not be so stressed, everything always works out.


HC: What is something you love doing outside of Bryant?

Via: Singing (badly!), traveling, makeup, discussing politics, and eating!

Lexi: When I am home, I am a full time nanny and I love it so much! I miss all the kids when I’m at school and I can’t wait to be with them this summer!


Good luck with the election you two! You are both queens and we wish you the best in this and everything else you guys do at Bryant! We know you are both going to accomplish amazing things.

Flora is a graduate from Bryant University with a major in communication. She moved to Boston after graduating and somehow is already 2 years post-grad. By day, she is a marketing associate but when she's not at the office she loves trying new foods, hunting for the latest trends, exploring the city, going to spin classes, and finding as many cute dogs to pet as possible! Follow her on Instagram @lifeisgoodman
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