The Ultimate Senior's Bucket List

As second semester of senior year has unfortunately approached us, some of us are trying to figure out how many bucket list items we can cross off before that tear-filled graduation day.  So whether you are looking to just simply get up on that karaoke floor at Asia Grille after four years of fear or anxiously waiting to find the perfect night to do a naked lap around the townhouses, we think we hit up the ultimate senior bucket list.  Did we miss anything?  Comment them below!


  1. Take a random road trip

  2. Take a picture with Tupper the mascot and Tupper the dog

  3. Take a picture with President Macthley

  4. Do a Edward 40-Hands/Amy Wine Hands night


  6. Become the master of the shot gun

  7. Start a blog of one thing you are thankful for each day

  8. Have sex in the unistructure (we know you want to)

  9. Sneak a few kegs on campus and throw a kegger

  10. Extend bed times (seriously you can do it)

  11. Jump on someone’s boat in Newport

  12. Carve names into a tree

  13. Write each professor who has impacted your four years in a positive way a thank you note

  14. Kiss a random stranger

  15. Have sex in the library (in between the bookcases if you are daring)

  16. Have a communal diary for everyone to write in when drunk

  17. Have a chalkboard wall

  18. Slap your ex (well-deserved)

  19. Do a hike

  20. Run a 5K


  22. Make a scrapbook of senior year

  23. Take on Asia Grille’s scorpion bowls every Thursday night

  24. Dance on the bar at your favorite bar

  25. Water balloon fight in white tshirts with only girls around (things get weird around here)

  26. Make a shot ski!

  27. Become Larry from Rente’s best friend (DUH)


  29. Make it onto the wall of shame (or create one!)

  30. Jump in the pond

  31. Swim in Effin’s Pool

  32. Get chased by DPS (specifically Henderson)

  33. Get straight A’s in classes (‘ya know to go out with a bang)

  34. Sleep on the volleyball courts

  35. Create an around the world for the spring (let’s make history)

  36. Bring back Pinnacle Whipped (....better to keep that off the list)