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Trying to Make Plans for Halloween? We’ve Got You Covered!

If you thought last year’s Halloweek was long, this one is about to be even longer. This year rumor has it that the Halloween festivities will span from Wednesday the 25th until Tuesday the 31st, so we hope you have your costumes ready!! If you’re wondering what you should do this week for Halloween, don’t worry because Her Campus has the answer! Whether you want to stay local or go into Providence, we have the list below of the best places to be as a Bryant student this week.

Wednesday the 25th

Rentes –WNR is many Bryant students favorite place to be on a Wednesday and the only thing that gets them through the week, and this week it’s going to be even better. With a costume contest (with cash prizes!!!) and food and drinks deals – this looks like a WNR you won’t want to miss.

Whiskey’s in Providence – On the other hand, if WNR isn’t your scene and you like to get off campus and are looking for somewhere you can go all out, dance, and meet new people this is the option for you! Whiskey’s is always packed on Wednesday’s but with it being Halloweek, it’s bound to be even better.

Thursday the 26th

Effins – Although Effins has been a hit or a miss this year we are hoping that everyone will rally together during Halloweek and that all Bryant students will go here!  Tell your housemates, friends, neighbors, and enemies that Effins during Halloween is the place to be. You can go all out with your best costume and know you are going to have a night you won’t forget (or will you?).


Friday the 27th

Townhouses ­– The on-campus nights of Halloween are what some students look forward to the most, because we can all party together and don’t have to pay for Ubers and find rides to places off campus. It’s up to you where you end up, but even if you can’t sneak your way into a townhouse, people usually end up partying outside (no matter how cold it is and how little clothing everyone is wearing).

Hanley’s in Providence – If off campus is more your scene and you’re trying to avoid a certain someone (or someones) on campus, then Hanley’s is the off campus move on Friday. Fridays at Hanley’s are always the move, but for Halloween in Providence, this is where you want to be.

Saturday the 28th

Townhouses – If you made it out of the past few nights and are ready to rally for another night – which you should be — then most people will probably be partying on campus this night. Saturday tends to be the biggest night of Halloweekend and we cannot wait.


Sunday and Monday

REST DAYS – Now is your chance to take a break from the past 4 nights of going out, dressing up, and getting a little bit drunker than you anticipated. Take these days off, because you WILL need it. Going out on a Sunday or a Monday doesn’t prove you’re a hardo, it just means you need to chill out a little bit because Halloween is tomorrow and you don’t want to be that person who can’t rally for Halloween.

Tuesday the 31st

Rentes – Today is the day, Halloween is actually here so we hope you made it through and are able to rally after your days off! Put on your best costume and head down to Rentes, because the combination of TNR and Halloween is a night you for sure won’t want to miss.


*Her Campus Bryant reminds everyone to please drink responsibly*

Flora is a graduate from Bryant University with a major in communication. She moved to Boston after graduating and somehow is already 2 years post-grad. By day, she is a marketing associate but when she's not at the office she loves trying new foods, hunting for the latest trends, exploring the city, going to spin classes, and finding as many cute dogs to pet as possible! Follow her on Instagram @lifeisgoodman
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