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The Truth About Being the Single Friend

Oh, so you and your boyfriend broke up for the 100th time this week? Okay I guess we can pretend you’re “single.” 

 Listen up, you non single people. You are killing us. Do you know how annoying it is to be the only single-for-life friend while the rest of you are doing cute fall activities with your cute boyfriend in your cute relationships? Okay, sometimes being the single friend isn’t too bad. We don’t have to worry about texting someone back every three minutes. We can have guys friends without worrying about a jealous boyfriend. And we sure as hell are allowed to check out that sexy football player every time he walks by. 

However, yes, we single people do envy your relationships more than you know. Chances are we are living our love lives through you.  

The worst part about being single is that you don’t have someone to remind you how pretty you are. Compliments keep the world spinning. Also, you don’t have a promising Netflix and chill buddy. What even is cuffing season at this point, seeing no one ever cuffs with us. 

The ultimate worst thing about being single is that you just have no hope. Being single all of these years really leads us to believe that we will never find someone. We’ve accepted the fact that we are just the single-for-life friend and were going to end up alone. At least we’ll have our cats! 

Boston Ma. Undergraduate at Bryant University. 
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