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Top Darty Outfits This Spring

Bryant students celebrated the start of the spring season this past weekend with weather reaching into the 70s. Students welcomed the warm weather by attending the home lacrosse and basketball games – and of course getting outside! You could find crowds of people sitting out by the pond, playing volleyball by 17, and enjoying each other’s company down by the townhouses. This weekend set the stage for spring semester at Bryant – a time where everyone comes out of hibernation to bask in the great outdoors! Darty season is a time like no other – and we’ve got the ultimate guide on what to wear!

  1. School pride — With a sports filled weekend like last weekend, the easiest and most popular thing to wear is Bryant gear! Attending the home sports games is a great way to take advantage of the warm weather and show your school spirit. Pair your Bryant tee with a pair of leggings or jeans and slip on some Converse or flip flops and make it your go-to for the next tailgate!
  2. Hamsa Faith Shirts For an interesting twist on your tshirt, check out @HamsaFaith on Instagram to take your top to the next level. Hamsa Faith specializes on custom made shirts for schools, teams, bands, and other brands. You have the option to mail in your own tshirt and have them spice it up – or you can pick from their online store to see their current stock. We’re absolutely obsessed with this company and it’s just what your closet needs this spring season.
  3. Punny Graphics — There’s nothing quite as classic as a tee with sayings like “mornings are for mimosas” or “hakuna some wine” to make a statement at your next darty. These graphic tees were made for day partying and can be sneakily found at Target and Forever 21. If you happen to come by one of these punny tees, be sure to snag one!
  4. Ripped Jeans — Ripped jeans don’t need a special season – but if they did, they would be the trademark for the springtime. You can pair them with basically anything, making them an easy choice for bottoms. Not to mention, they’re comfortable and no dancing is required to put them on (@ those skinny jeans). Embrace those messy, destroyed jeans that your parents hate this season.
  5. Light Dresses — For those warmer days, bring out those t-shirt dresses. Layered with a flannel or a light cardigan and you’ve got a cute and effortless look!
  6.  The Classic — If you’re having one of those lazy days, throw on a flannel with a simple shirt and jeans. This super easy fix is ideal for when you’re still struggling from the night before and don’t have the energy.
  7. Sunglasses — Finally, to top off any darty outfit with a pair of sunglasses. The hottest brand this season is Quay Australia. You can find these fun reflective sunglasses in stores at Nordstrom’s or online here.
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