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Top 8 WTF Moments of the 2016 Election

No matter what your political affiliations are, you have to admit that the election of 2016 has been a wild ride. For those of us following the campaign, there have been some moments that seriously made us think, “WTF?!”. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of the eight biggest WTF moments from the election so far. Think we missed something? Leave it in the comments!

Birdie Sanders

When Bernie was still in the running for president back in March, the Internet freaked out over a small bird that flew into a Sanders rally in Portland and landed on his podium. The crowd went wild, Sanders called it a dove asking for world peace, and it got turned into a huge meme.


Donald Trump has small hands?

Back when Marco Rubio was in the running, he insulted Trump by saying that he doesn’t understand why a man who is 6’2” has hands the size of someone who is 5’2”. He then made a joke, saying “Have you seen his hands? And you know what they say about men with small hands… You can’t trust them.”

We see what you did there, Rubio. Trump didn’t think it was funny, and seemed determined to prove his hands were of normal size.

Trump responded, saying: “Look at those hands. “Are they small hands? And he referred to my hands — if they are small, something else must be small… I guarantee you there is no problem, I guarantee you.”

The whole thing made us all totally uncomfortable. We don’t really want to think about the size of Trump’s hands, or anything else.


Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

Groups of people on the Internet are convinced that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. Why? Don’t ask us.The Zodiac Killer claimed to have murdered 37 people in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s in Northern California. He was last heard from in 1974. Ted Cruz was born in Canada in 1970, meaning he wasn’t even alive when the Zodiac killings started. Is it humanly possible that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer? Nope. Did that stop the internet from taking the idea and running with it? Absolutely not. Apparently the theory started with this Tweet, and has since taken on a life of its own.

In February of this year, Public Policy Polling determined that 38% of Floridian voters think the idea of Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer is “possible,” another 10% believe he definitely is, and 28% aren’t sure. Cruz himself even got in on the joke when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel.

At least he’s able to laugh about being accused of being a serial killer.  


Hillary is just like your abuela

In a desperate plea for the Hispanic vote, Clinton’s PR team released an article comparing her to your abuela. To be clear, “she isn’t afraid to talk about the importance of el respeto.” Twitter was not happy with this, sparking a #NotMyAbuela hashtag. Basically, everyone was like “¿què?”


Chris Christie endorsed Trump, and he and his wife regretted it instantly

Christie, governor of New Jersey, was one of the many republican vying for the presidential candidacy last year. Though they didn’t seem to agree on much early in the campaign, Christie ended up giving Trump a surprising endorsement in February after dropping out of the race. Christie was criticized for this endorsement by many, including people in his home state of NJ. The endorsement was primarily seen as an attempt to be named Trump’s vice presidential candidate. Christie seemed to realize he had made a mistake right away, making this face during a Trump speech, and completely stealing the show:

He seems restless and confused while he listens to Trump talk, perhaps indicating that he wasn’t too comfortable with his decision.

*Chris Christie looks into the camera like hes on The Office*

And he’s not the only one. His wife, Mary Pat Christie, did not seem pleased with Trump for accusing Clinton of playing the “woman card”.

Without the VP nomination (Trump chose Mike Pence, governor of Indiana), you have to wonder if the Christies still think the endorsement was a good idea.


Ted Cruz just has one of those faces

People on the Internet had a blast finding people they thought Ted Cruz looked like. There was this lookalike, who agreed to do porn for $10,000.

According to the Huffington Post, 21-year-old Searcy Hayes was first spotted on the Maury Povich show. She was then approached by XHamster.com to make a six minute sex tape with her boyfriend, who said “she’s more famous than Madonna!” Our question is, who asked for Ted Cruz porn in the first place!?

He also looks just like Grandpa Munster, from The Munsters…

…and Mark Del Figgalo from Zoey 101.

And apparently a bunch of other things.


75-year-old Bernie Sanders is the hero of millennials

Sanders was the oldest candidate in the running at 75 years old. If elected, he would have beat Ronald Regan as oldest ever elected president by six years. Given his age, it seems shocking that his biggest supporters were millennials. In May, The Washington Times found that 55% of millennials had favorable opinions of Sanders, compared to 38% for Clinton and 22% for Trump. This baffled most of the political world, leaving all other candidates struggling to seem as cool as an old guy.


Contrary to popular belief, Tom Brady did not endorse Trump

Trump almost got an endorsement from the biggest sports star in New England… but not quite. Patriots QB and local hero Tom Brady has been friends with Trump for a while, which is why Trump sent him a “Make America Great Again” hat. This hat was spotted in Brady’s locker last September, leading to speculation that Brady would be supporting him for president. Brady was then interviewed by reporters from WEEI.com, at which time he said it would be “great” if Trump became president. Everyone, including Trump himself, took this to mean Brady was officially endorsing his friend. However, Brady was quick to correct himself. Apparently that quote was taken out of context, and he wasn’t actually trying to endorse Trump. Brady said that he didn’t know who he was voting for, and didn’t actually know that much about politics.

Awkward, considering Trump tweeted this after the accidental not-endorsement.

Apparently Trump didn’t get the hint, because he said Brady’s support was an “enormous help” when it came to winning Massachusetts in the spring primary.

Trump also teased the idea of having Brady support him at the Republican National Convention in July. Brady never made a public comment regarding the Convention, nor did he attend.  

Apparently, he isn’t a very good friend.


We at Her Campus Bryant are sure there will be plenty more WTF moments between now and November, but these have been our favorites so far!

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