Top 5 Things We DON'T Miss About Being Back at School

For many of us, moving back to campus in September is something we count down to all summer.  Seeing friends and being at Bryant is so exciting, but you know what's not? Nearly everything else (jk, but going back to homework and group projects after a summer off IS a struggle).

1. Group Meetings

Our friends at other schools just don't understand.  Sure, taking five classes, maybe working and being in a club or two sounds like an averagely difficult schedule, but try adding in a million group projects a semester.  Coordinating with busy students a meeting time before 9 pm should earn us a whole other degree. 

2. Org Sync

Does anyone really know how to use it?

3. Emails

All. The. Time.  Before we even pulled onto campus the first weekend there we had an inbox full of messages we never got around to reading.

4. Reading a Syllabus

One of the biggest adjustments for many freshman is getting used to all of the assignments for a class being listed out for them rather than fed to them week by week by a teacher.  Plus there's always that one professor with a 20+ page cryptic syllabus that will end up changing throughout the semester. 

5. Procrastination Guilt

The Sunday Scaries are REAL and for some of us we feel that anxiety all week long.  In the summer we could stay up late doing whatever we wanted and not suffer many repercussions.  Now?  Chances are that means we will be late on work.